Simple Natural Solutions for Chapped Skin

Simple Natural Solutions for Chapped Skin

When the weather gets cold, it shows up on your skin. It is not uncommon for dryness to set in, especially by the end of winter when the skin is parched. Here are some natural solutions to the problem of chapped skin.

When the air is dry, it doesn’t help add moisture to your skin. Without that moisture, the layers near the top become flaky. This condition can lead to cracking and bleeding if you are not careful. If you already suffer from skin problems, cold weather doesn’t make it any easier to handle.

Chapped Lips

This is one of the most common places to see dry, irritated skin. You notice it more because it is right on your face. Here are a few ways to retain as much moisture as you can.

Aloe Vera – This plant contains a cooling balm that heals the damage that dryness can cause. Simply break off a part of a leaf and apply it to your lips each day to help with the chapped skin.

Honey – It’s one of the sweetest tasting solutions you can find. Simply rub a bit of honey on your chapped lips to seal in moisture.

Coconut oil – Apply to the lips several times a day as needed.

Use Natural Lip Glosses – Avoid chemical products and fragrances that don’t let your skin breath.

Drink more water – You already know that the cold (and even the hot sun for that matter) can dry out your delicate epithelial tissues. Drinking plenty of water replenishes your system and can minimize moisture loss.

Chapped Skin on your Face

The skin on the face is sensitive. Irritated skin can become red and blotchy, even painful to the touch.

Olive Oil – Rub it into your face at night for a soothing moisturizer. Wash it off in the morning with warm water.

Banana – A mixture of mashed banana and honey can be applied to the face. Massage into the skin for ten minutes and then rinse.

Other Chapped Skin Areas

Dry skin can occur anywhere. It is most common on the face, lips, feet, hands and at the joints like knees and elbows.

Beeswax – Rubbing this on scaly skin can slowly begin to heal it. If you use it on your hands and feet, wear socks (on your hands too) at night to hold in the moisture.

Humidifier – Adding moisture back into the air can enhance the efforts of using the other natural solutions here.

Banana peel – Use the fruit for the face and the peel for the heels. Rub dry, cracked heels with the inside of the peel to smooth rough areas.

While you are trying these natural solutions, observe a few DON’TS:

Don’t use soap and water to clean your face.
Lower your alcohol consumption. It can lead to dehydration.
Avoid skin care products that contain a lot of heavy perfumes that can irritate your skin

Take care of your skin and it will take care of you.

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